Challenging and Changing a Culture

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September 9, 2020

TripGear’s tools and resources have laid the groundwork for a bold initiative to on and eradicate violence in inner-city communities. We pull together TripGear Publishing, Behavior 100 curriculum, B100 U/niversity Homeschool Curriculum, Behavior100 Lyfebooks. Together, these assets provide culturally sensitive methods which help inner-city children and communities manage day-to-day choices in a positive manner. This strikes a blow to community-wide violence.

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An Outline of E2025V Assets and Tools:

•    TripGear Publishing has an extensive and expanding inventory of graphic novels and illustrated stories to assist inner-city learners in reading, writing, comprehension, critical thinking, and creative writing.

•    The Behavior100 platform provides both instructors and learners with interpersonal attachments, which are learning outlines. These outlines help learners dissect stories or situations for the purpose of exercising conflict resolution skills. These interpersonal attachments form part of our CSS (Children’s Support System). CSS consists of curriculum instructions that will stimulate interpersonal skills in children and their families.

Other platform elements include skits, plays, assessments and movement (through military drill movements and modeling). These exercises are geared to foster mental discipline and conflict resolution skills which then reduces potential violent encounters.

•    T.R.U.T.H. (Teaching Reality Using Truth Holistically), presents learners with highly complicated scenarios and helps learners navigate those situations without resorting to violence.

•    I-MICE (Image Metaphorical Inspirational Character Encourager), is the official title ascribed to our all-original art. I-MICE work as both standalone pieces and pieces integrated into literature. The imagery excites learners in both the emotional and critical thinking centers of their brain.

•    R3+R (Relate-Reason-Respect + Reality) trains learners in the pitfalls of not realistically evaluating their respectability, relationships, and consequences. Learners navigate how to measure these realities while minimizing conflict. The special emphasis is on reality – evaluating the degree to which thoughts inside one’s head align with external reality. To that end, R3+R makes use of short stories, poetry and questionnaires to enhance the learner’s thought process.

•    B100 U/niversity (B100 U) give learners a variety of data-driven information on seven subjects relevant to inner city communities. Subjects like Cultural Biology dissect community ills such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

B100 U is an opportunity for learners to interact with the research and expand it through study, dialogue and writing. We see this pursuit of knowledge as a great means for family and community collaboration.

•    LyfeBooks (LB’s) is the title given to all our graphic novels and teacher’s guides. These LyfeBooks (LB’s) articulate, relate, and mandate the attention of inner-city children and their families. LB’s reflect the inner cities of America and the complicating factors of impoverished neighborhoods, crack houses, illegal gun infestations, gang centers and deprived public schools.

Many of our graphic novels are written in a poetic format and are fully illustrated with I-MICE. R3+R (as previously described) is the perfect tool for dissecting the meanings of the I-MICE art.

LB’s are written with brain adaptability in mind. To put it another way, our stories recognize the power of the brain to physically remold due to new thoughts and ideas (neuroplasticity). LB’s like Gangster in Me, The Chronicles of Jack Gun, Gun Tag, and Blackenstein are allegories of real life and present positive ideas with the power to mold minds in positive directions.

LyfeBooks also have corresponding LB teacher’s guides. The LB teacher’s guides can be used by teachers, learners, parents, pastors and community leaders to guide others through the stories in a simplified manner. LB teacher’s guides provide insights into a story’s meaning and provides points of discussion and moral takeaways from a story.

All the E2025V tools listed above can be used interchangeably with one another according to the needs of those using them. This adaptability is a powerful asset in addressing the unique needs necessary to eradicate violence in one’s home and community. Let’s use every tool at our disposal to “teach different to reach different.” Let’s do violence….to violence.