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Help Strengthen Moral Character and uplift communities (with minimal effort on your part!) Give to the I-MICE 7 project.

I-MICE is impactful art that makes a person think.

Give just a little to the I-MICE 7 project. A tiny bit. An incy-winsy, little bitty. And have a mountainous effect.

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Original Art & Story carry the power to illuminate life's simplest and most complex issues in a way that's culturally relevant.   Let's get our young ladies and gentlemen reading but not just that - let them write stories of their own.  Our CONCEPT CREATORS arm will provide learners the opportunity to create meaningful messages in moral character - messaging that will be brought to life as I-MICE Art.  This is yet another step in inspiring others to affect their culture and not just 'be affected.'



The I-MICE 7 Project on KickStarter

  •  105 New ART Pieces
  • Students as Concept Creators
  • 7 New Stories



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